My Outdoor Space

Bicycle, climbing and other trip reports.

Bicycle Tour descriptions:

I'll try to describe below some of my bicycle tours. I hope you have as much fun reading as i did in riding them.
(*) Boston-Cape Cod-NewHaven-Boston My first multiday loaded trip: A 300mile long loop in New England , June 2003.
(*) San Francisco - Los Angeles Big Vista trip: 500 miles along the California coast, July 2003.
(*) Vancouver,BC - Eugene,OR Mountains and Ocean: 700miles along the Pacific Northwest, Aug 2004.

Shorter Rides and Day Trips

(*) Mt Tamalpais GoldenGate Bridge - Mt Tamalpais and back along the CA1, with Diode, March 2005. The Ridge Road from Tamalpais - is one of the most beautiful roads ever
(*) Planet of the apes Ride on and off abandonned CA1 from Daly City to Redwood City, July 2005 -one of my favorites.
(*) SF-Marconi Conference Center and back Biophysics Retreat Sept 06.
(*) Mt Diablo Sept 2006.


(*) Climbing in Tuolomne and Yosemite My first climbs ever, Sept 2003.
(*) Climbing in Yosemite - the Nutcracker June 2004 .
(*) Climbing in Tahoe Eagle Cliff(?), Sept 2004.


(*) Arch Rock, Point Reyes With Inge and Johannes, Nov 06.

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